Eco Wash Ready to Use

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How To Use


  1. Spray onto the dirty surface

  2. As Eco Wash RTU is dwelling pre-treat your premium microfiber towel by misting it onto the surface of your towel

  3. Clean the dirty surface with your microfiber towel in straight lines

    do not go back and forth, only one direction

  4. Once the surface is clean use a secondary microfiber towel to wipe off any excess

You can spray OP Ceramic Detail Spray onto a secondary towel and use it help wipe off the excess and allow the surface to dry more efficiently.

Deeply Clean Your Vehicle & Restore Its Polish!

With a gentle composition of emulsifiers,  this neutral car soap removes all dirt, dust and grime from your car.

The state-of-the-art polymer ingredients protect its wax, while treating minor scratches on its outside surface.

Just Spray, Wipe & You’re Done!

This rinse-less auto wash soap leaves an anti-static, non-stick, protective coating on all surfaces both inside and out of your car.

Mist a small quantity on a microfiber towel, spray the Eco Wash on your car, clean in straight lines with the towel and wipe off to give the final touch!

Why Choose The Owner’s Pride Ready To Use Eco Wash?

✔ Neutral Formula, Rich In Emulsifiers And Polymers

✔ Ready To Use – No Dilution Necessary

✔ Ideal All Vehicle Surfaces, Inside And Outside

✔ Protecting The Car Paint Job

✔ No Rinsing Needed – No Water Buckets, No Pressure Washer!

✔ Great For All Vehicles – Cars, RVs, Trucks, Motorcycles And Boats

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