• Professional Installers

    Owner’s Pride Ceramic Installers are the best of the best in the detailing industry. We personally selected each installer to make sure every customer experienced the best.

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  • We offer a warranty of up to 9 years

    We offer a nationwide warranty for Owner’s Pride Ceramic that extends up to 9 years, ensuring your peace of mind regardless of your location. Your warranty will also be documented on your Carfax report.

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  • Complete Protection

    Since Owner’s Pride Ceramic is so adaptable it protects your paint, rims, plastics, and headlights. Our professional installers can help protect your interior as well. Find an Installer Today

Automotive Warranty
9 year Warranty
7 Year Warranty
5 Year Warranty
3 Year Warranty
3 Year Interior Warranty
5 Year Interior Warranty
7 Year Interior Warranty
Marine Warranty
5 Year Warranty
Power Sports
5 Year Warranty
RV's & Campers
5 Year Warranty
5 Year Warranty
3 Year warranty
5 Year warranty


  • Luis F - Customer

    Hands down one of the best product that I’ve used. The results are crazy plus the gloss is like no other product that I’ve seen on the market. If you want a quick drying aid plus ceramic protection then this is perfect for you!