Owner’s Pride has a rich history in auto care. For over two decades and across two generations, Owner’s Pride has been at the forefront of protection technology for all types of vehicles. Founded by detailers who have worked for and within dealerships, body shops and direct-to-consumer auto care studios, OP has never stopped listening to our clients, which means we’ve never stopped innovating our products and services.

  • Ergonomic and industrial grade bottles, triggers and applicators

  • Reusable packaging that stands up to the harsh conditions of the shop

  • Easy and fast color coding to keep the system simple

  • Lab and field tested new chemistries for the safe of our installers as well as the vehicles


Everyone talks about service and experience. But, it means nothing if it’s not “intelligent” service and “relevant” experience. That’s the OP Difference. When you contact us for support, you get seasoned technicians who use our products in the field. And in terms of relevant experience, so much has happened in auto-detailing prep and treatments in the last decade – Owner’s Pride has been at the forefront of innovation and development. Yes, being first has been great, but more importantly, we believe that being right is critical. What we put on your vehicles, we put on ours. And, not until it has been thoroughly proven in the lab and in the field.